Ermed Georgia
May 31, 2018





Ermed Georgia and HIV/AIDS Patients Support Foundation sign a Memorandum of Understanding


Ermed Georgia, represented by its Chairman and CEO Mr. Mert Calikusu and HIV/AIDS Patients Support Foundation, represented by its Director Dr. Iza Bodokia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 26 November 2019. This MOU sets forth the terms and understanding between the parties to cooperate in providing support for those living with HIV/AIDS, education for those trying to prevent transmission of the disease, and remembrance for those who have lost their battle to AIDS.

The partners hope that through their close collaboration and partnership they will increase the awareness of the population throughout Georgia in the necessity of the proper performance of tests for the early detection of HIV that allow the timely point-of-care provision of the results. They will use all their knowledge, resources and partnership aimed at stopping HIV/AIDS stigma, promoting HIV testing, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for the wellbeing and healthcare of people in Georgia.